Put an end to dog shedding

I can sense, you’re tired of the toil to make your home fur-free. Shedding is a normal process in dogs where the unnecessary and damaged hairs fall off and they generate a fresh coat appropriate to the weather. For them, it’s very normal but being owners you may feel annoyed with vacuuming the whole day long. That’s what has brought you to your search bars. Well, you can now put an end to dog shedding by following 5 easy and effective ways.

Sit back and read on…

A quick sneak-peek into 5 ways of putting an end to dog shedding:

  1. Regular bath 
  2. Regular brushing
  3. Exercise
  4. Healthy diet
  5. Vet’s advice 

You will have to enjoy some pro tips as well, so Cheerup!

Regular Bath:

To cut down on your pooch’s excessive fluff, you must give him a regular bath. It doesn’t mean dragging little fellas into the bathtub against their will and not just offending them but damaging their sensitive skin. Yes! Dog’s skin is more sensitive than ours.  

 To get rid of extra brittle hair, shower them once or maybe twice a week depending on how much they have played in the dirt.  

Pro tip: Add Glycerine in their shampoo to retain moisture. The addition of aloe vera and oatmeal will be a double plus. 

Regular Brushing:

Brushing proves to be very effective in reducing your dog’s shedding. Whenever you sit idol, call your little friend, take a brush and Yew! you are set to go.

It develops bonding between you and your pet. Brush your dog once or twice a day for at least 6 minutes.

Remember using correct brush is very important. Since there are different dog breeds with hair differing from each other in length, texture and thickness. Depending on your dog’s coat, you need to be careful about choosing the brush.

Regular Exercise:

Taking your little Jack sparrow or Iris or Daisy (nice names of dogs though) on a stroll longer than usual or indulging him in blood warming activities can actually make a difference. It’s not just good for keeping excessive hair on bay but it keeps your dog out of stress and in good health as well.

Again! Exercise is as good for dog as for hoomans.


Healthy Diet:

Do you ever try saving cents by buying cheap food for your dog?

If you do then I would sincerely suggest you, give this habit a rest. Because quality food matters a lot for the health of dogs or any pet.

Why would I care for making you spend extra money on Dog’s healthy food?

2 reasons:

a. Quality food has more amount of supplements like vitamins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients which automatically help to strengthen the weak hair follicles.

b. Food with Omega-3 fatty acids helps improving immunity, treating joint pain, and as a bonus, rescuing hair fall (olive oil has normally Omega-3 fatty acids).

PRO TIP: add some molasses to food which is good for preventing hair from falling.

https://europepmc.org/article/med/879559 shows a shedding cycle.


If you see your dog shedding excessively or losing big patches of hair, it is not at all a good sign.

There are a lot of medical problems associated with shedding sometimes. Kidney diseases, hormonal problems like thyroid imbalance, fungal or parasitic infections, stress can lead your dog towards excessive shedding as well.

In such cases where you witness a change in activities of your pet or see him getting bald, immediately visit a VET. He may recommend you the right supplements or treat your dog in the right way and you can ultimately heave a SIGH OF RELIEF phewww!!


Your pup is grabbing more attention these days than normal just because he has started shedding. It’s not intentional trust me. Rather it’s a normal process where damaged hair is pulled off the skin of dogs. The above-mentioned ways are very effective and easy to follow.

There is a possibility of some diseases, imbalanced diet, infection, sunburn, or stress that may lead to excessive shedding. If you have been witnessing tufts of hair all-around your home and scratches or bald skin of your little friend then this is the time to show him to a vet.

Stop putting off!