In 2010, Realme first launched in china named OPPO REAL as a sub-brand of oppo that came from BBK electronics. Realme is one of the best brands of BBK electronics.

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Sky Li, the former oppo president as well as the head of oppo oversea department issued his resignation for oppo.

He had planned for establishing a whole separate brand of Realme on July 30 on Weibo. The confusion of ARE RELME, REDMI, AND OPPO ARE THE SAME COMPANY? clears below,

He declared for the coming time, that Realme assembling smartphones with solid performance, well-textured, and stylish manufactured technology for the young generation with affordable range.

That hardworking and inspiral decision of his makes Realme, the best manufacturing smartphone


Oppo itself a subordinate of BBK electronics, at that time oppo didn’t indicate it had assigned its partnership of Realme in BBK. 

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|Realme dramatized its first logo on 15 November 2020|

Realme launched its first smart manufacturing technology Realme1 in May 2018. So the company of Realme was founded on 4 May 2018. 

 For that matter, oppo and Realme are manufacturing brands from the same company said BBK electronics.   

On November 22, Realme becoming a prominent brand in the Indian market. And with this fast-moving world Realme was recognized as an international manufacturing smartphone brand by BBK electronics in July 2019. 

Realme had taken its place in 20 markets including china, south Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe.  

Realme also delivers its variety of various products introduced wireless airphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, and other stuff. 


Realme and Redmi, both are subsidiaries of two separate companies. Redmi came from Xiaomi, starting Xiaomi launched a smartphone series named Redmi.

Over time, Redmi declared as a sub-brand of Xiamoi with entry-level mid-range phones in 2019. That statement clarifies that now Realme, Redmi, and oppos are the same company or the sub-brands.

The purpose behind having sub-brands of oppo and Xiaomi is to deliver smartphones in the different market usually where these parent companies don’t take palace.  

Comparison between the Realme and Redmi is just based on that now both are an independent brand in the market. 


In the beginning, realme is the sub-brand of oppo Similarly, Redmi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi 
 Realme is based on COLOR OS Redmi is based on MIUI 
Realme don’t exist AD in its operating system Redmi has AD in its operating system 
Realme has started their smartphone’s prices at $5,000 till going speedy with rare features to $40,000While Redmi has started its range from 4,000 till now up to $30,000


The BBK company is not coming slow to becoming the world’s number one and largest smartphone manufacturing company. 

Are Realme, Redmi, and Oppo the same company? BBK electronics own this question of customers, by giving the vast technology brands in smartphones marketing.

Realme becoming the world’s fastest brand to hit 50 million shipments, grew up to 132% since its inception. 

Marketshare of realme has from 20% in Q2 to 30% in Q3 2020. 

Globally, realme take place in Spain, and within a few months of launching in this country, it took its fan following in Spain smartphones marketplace.   

Time flew like a bird, and realme made its place quickly in the smartphone market in a short period of time. Realme delivered premium features in the budget segment to the world.

Realme respond quickly to the customers demand as now, Realme also declared the best gaming phones with high-quality gaming processors.

The modern technology of realme is can’t ignorable to acknowledge that Realme is best. No doubt, Realme will perform best to demonstrate the fastest and smart technology in this fast-moving world.


| Realme c-series | Realme number series | Realme 7 pro | Realme 6 pro | Realme c17 | Gaming processors |

Realme is one of the gaming smartphones with trendsetting technology. In the price segment, realme has manufactured super-powerful processor chips and high-quality graphics display for gaming specifications. 

For gaming phones, the main component that matters most are chipset and RAM capacity. Realme are the first who appeal to features and trendsetting experiences for gaming.   

Games like Asphalt 9, Pubg mobile, Fortnite, free-fire, and various other video games require high-quality graphics, speed, and file storage based on chipset and RAM sizes. 

As such, Realme does best to address this issue accordingly pay budget and trendsetting processors for the new generation. Realme has its smartphone series with amazing RAM storage with MediaTek helio and Qualcomm snapdragon processor chipset.

As it is the technology by china which has its own place in technology. However, we can review its gamin result by the capacity of using it among gamers of china. 

By the ownership of Realme smartphones in India 2020, by age

The number of mobile gamers scene goes upward surge between  2018 to 2020 in china. 

 Realme has multiple smartphone series named C series, Number series, Narzo smartphones, and X series.


Realme C series have a separate fan following in the gaming world.

Realme recommends C3, C12, C15, and C17 of the C-series gaming smartphones. These phones possess chips from snapdragon and Mediatek is capable of handling high-end games smoothly.

Realme C17 displays a snapdragon 460 octa-core processor along with 64-bit architecture is enough for handling high-graphic mobile games with satisfaction.

In fact. It concedes 12.3 hours of gaming times with a standby of 34 days. You can also redeem your digital entertainment life causes it provides a 5000mAh massive battery cursing the issue of low battery issues. 

Likewise, realme C15 provides the same processors and different gaming hours on a low budget, but in the case of trendsetting C17 has separate fan surroundings in gaming.

No matter what it’s Pubg or Fortnite, Realme runs various high graphics games smoothly. It delivers you the luxury time of the gaming world along with trendsetting that declared that realme is the best gaming phone.  


The best part of the realme number series smartphones is, it designs with powerful processors especially manufactured for gaming plan. 

who is passionate about gaming are worth considering realme 7 pro, realme 6, and realme 6 pro from the number series?  

Pursuing the popularity of gamers in Pubg mobile, Fortnite and various others can take advantage of this gaming manufactured technology, 

 Specification of Realme 6 Pro and Realme 7 pro are can’t ignorable.

Realme 7 Pro, the gaming pro has a Qoulmm snapdragon 720 G 8mn gaming processor along with a super AMOLED full screen 16.3 cm  (6.4”) FHD + fullscreen can runs high graphic games smoothly. It can stand out in performance and efficiency with powerful Adreno 618 GPU, with high-quality graphic images.

It has RAM up to 8GB and storage and storage of 128GB.    

It also delivers 43% charging while gaming for approximately 30 minutes. This is called Godzilla for the gaming world.

 Like it manufactured by eyeing the requirements and youth of gaming enthusiasts. 

On the other hand Realme 6 Pro, the pro display smartphone is capable of providing a 90Hz ultra-smooth display experience. 

Seamless and smooth visual experience with 16.6 cm big display brings you supreme visual experience.

It has RAM up to 4GB/6GB/8GB with storage approx 64GB/128GB. 

For the time being, the realme 6 pro considers the world’s first hottest smartphone with a powerful snapdragon 720 processor with an advance 8nm octa-core processor. It delivers +75% of GPU protection with efficient 43000mAh battery power.   


Without any doubt, realme has manufactured smartphones that are capable to run for gaming. They design their technology as per gaming features with trendsetting to support high graphics games like Pubg, Fortnite, and so on. 

From 2018 till now realme delivers its best in every way. They compose their technology for gaming with the production of gaming processors that is enough to realize that realme are good for gaming worth.