Digital marketing and it’s Important in today’s scenario
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Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.

But in many ways, Digital marketing is a much helpful and strong network than traditional marketing. This smart propaganda seeks to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with prospectus leads and customers on the internet with digital marketing in today’s scenario.


  • Primarily that begins the case of online presence is necessary regardless of what u sell.
  • A strong digital presence or planned marketing strategy will help you to make an easier path to create better awareness and engagement both before and after the sale.
  • You can easily generate leads by converting new customers or audiences into your ideal client by enhancing the fruitful way for their prospects.
  • You will also allow people to know what the sort of services you could dlver to them more with your capatilized.

Digital marketing is a game-changing strategy to boost your business in today’s scenario. Gurus, podcasts, and bloggers declare a tool or tactic hot one week and dead the next.


 “Digital marketing also know as data drive marketing is the marketing of products and services using different technologies, mainly on the internet but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.”

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Evolution of digital platform

There is no need to emphasize that the internet is getting bigger day by day. This year it has reached 3.88 billion users.

Back in 1995, the internet was initially getting popular when there was only 0.4% of the world’s population was using the internet. 

It’s incredible seeing that just within 22 years the internet has reached half of the world’s population in this fast-moving world.

Today it has reached a user base of 51.7% of the world’s total population with a growth rate of 976.4% from the last 17 years.


  • Over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day.
  • Over 2 million blog posts are published on the internet every day.
  • Domain name registrations have grown by 3.7% year over year.
  • As of 2021, there are 1.24 billion websites in the world.
  • Goggle is the world’s most visited website, followed by YouTube and Facebook.
  • The e-commerce industry is responsible for about $2 trillion in the annual sale.
  • Facebook now has over 7.5 billion monthly active users.
  • Over 85 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily.

Digital market goals to boost your business in today’s scenario

  • To increase website traffic.
  • For brand promotion or brand awareness.
  • To improve search engine ranking.
  • To generate lead.
  • To increase online sale conversation.
  • Improve the quality of customers.
  • To expand business globally.
  • To get the best ROI result.
  • To find loyal and potential customers.
  • To engaged customers with quality content to build trust.

Why choose digital marketing as a career?

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SEO and PPC executive

SEO is an unpaid method of improving the ranking of the web page and their visibility on various search engines such as google yahoo etc. PPC is a method of increasing the visibility of web pages is through sponsored placement and adverting.

Email marketing executive

Email marketing is an important prospect to convert your customer into the ideal leads of your brand, many organizations send newsletters, email campaigns autoresponder to its subscriber to keep them updated with new products adding or anything worth sharing.

Social media marketing executives

social media marketing is gaining a lot of popularity with social media site with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other. A good digital marketer should know the power of social media to market the brand image of the company.

Mobile market executive

Mobile marketing provides instant update promo offers and information of customer interest. Smartphones are very trending among all age groups, especially teenagers. A person needs to be a mobile freak to get into mobile marketing.

E-commerce executive

E-commerce is also known as an online shopping platform. The consumer can find a wider variety of goods often at more competitive prices.

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services electronic channels, primarily the internet.

Content marketing executive

Content is king in today’s scenario of digital marketing that purpose is to attract and retain customers or readers. Content marketing is any type of value and quality contnet that involves the creating and sharing of media and publishing content to accurately and retain customers.

Affiliate marketing executive

Affiliate marketing is frequently overlooked by advertisers. Affiliate marketing at its very core relationship, a relationship between three parties.

Display advertising executive

Display adverting is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banners, ads, rich media, and more. The main purpose of display adverting is to delivered general advertisement and brand message to site visitors.


The research and value of digital marketing are improving with the advancement of technology. Marketers make use of digital portfolios as a platform to promote a professional brand by defining the product in a manner that adds creditability. The strong visibility of the organization or the brand through digital marketing allows the consumers to developed perceived knowledge about the brand. In today’s scenario, by the spread of worth recommendations from their connection digital marketing helps the most in your bussniess.

How Long Does it Take for Diabetes to Affect Kidneys
How Long Does it Take for Diabetes to Affect Kidneys
diabetes eventually leads to chronic kidney diseases


Before leaping into discussing How Long Does it Take for Diabetes to Affect Kidneys, it is necessary to briefly talk about diabetes and how really kidneys are affected? When your body fails to produce enough insulin as per requirement or can not use it properly you suffer from a disease called as diabetes.

But it is not that simple , because when you do not take it seriously and avoid caring for yourself, things can go worse. It can at  some point become set of diseases and start damaging your body organs. 

One among these organs majorly is kidney. It needs to be remembered that about 1 out of 3 adults with diabetes has kidney disease.

How diabetes affect kidneys?

 As it has already been mentioned diabetes is related to blood glucose level. You might have heard that excess of everything is dangerous, so high sugar level can damage the blood vessels of your kidneys.

Kidneys are complex organs doing a job of filtering our blood.  All the useful substances are restored and useless are considered wastes and excreted out of body through urine by these tiny filters. Proteins and red blood cells are too big to cross this filter barrier and stay  in the blood.

High levels of sugar make this job harder for kidneys by exerting too much of pressure. After quite a while , a leakage in filters occur as a result of which high number of proteins is lost in urine

How Long Does it Take for Diabetes to Affect Kidneys?

The most common causes of kidney failure is Diabetes . Diabetic kidney disease takes many years to develop. Kidney damage rarely occurs in the first 10 years of diabetes. 

It  will take 15 to 25 years of diabetes to cause kidney failure. The risk of developing kidney failure decreases in people who live with diabetes for 15 to 25 years without any signs of it (kidney failure) . 


 After kidney disease has been diagnosed, it will take two to five years to develop functional changes in the kidneys in almost all the patients with Type 1 diabetes. 

Usually within approximately 10 to 30 years  , 30 to 40% patients progress to chronic stages of kidney diseases.  


same is the case with type 2 diabetes with the exception that it occurs at older age. 


a research suggests that nearly 24 million people in the United States have diabetes, and nearly 200,000 people are living with kidney failure as a result of diabetes.

In the period 2013 to 2016, around 32.2 percent of those aged 60 years and older had CKD.

According to another research , 

Over the last 20 years, the prevalence of diabetes and DKD have increased. click the link below to know more about it.


Symptoms of CKD differ greatly and can include :

  • feeling tired
  • nausea
  • itchiness
  • frequent urination
  • Weakness
  •  skin easily gets bruised
  •  pain in chest
  •  headache
  •  insomnia
  • pain in bones
  •  restlessness
  • trouble while concentrating
  • skin gets brittle and dry
  • Weakness
  • spasms

Some people would not even have a hint of kidney diseases over few years

its a slow process, taking several years to develop and show symptoms. The first stage of CKD (chronic kidney disease) is called microalbuminuria. The  filtration function of kidney remains normal during this time span. Patient would not even have hint that his kidneys are effected. Because he will not have any symptoms to guess weather he is normal or no. 

There are people who do not develop CKD at all . This can lead to kidney failure directly.

In some people, the filtering function of the kidneys is actually higher than normal in the first few years of their diabetes.


If you are diabetic and did not have any knowledge about CKD , well you now know a lot . All you need to do the best to avoid your diabetes getting worst . The more careless you become the more prone you will be towards different diseases especially Kidney failure. Even when your diabetes is cured , still sometimes you can get kidney diseases . Consult your nephrologist today! 

In the end , Care is cure!

Does nutrition affect MENTAL health? How health impacts lifestyle

 |The statistical relation between lifestyle and nutrition is 89%|

Sedentary an admirable lifestyle is based on health and fitness. 

A luxurious lifestyle without good health is just like a beautiful big tree without having strong roots. 

Whatever it would be physical or mental health, Both are playing their separate role for living a splendid lifestyle. 

We shouldn’t ignore the importance of a nutritive diet. Many scientific studies declared that nutrition should affect our mental health. 

It’s totally up to us how we manage our nutrition to level our physical system.

The relation between healthy nutrition and mental health is just like pizza without olives. So in that case, it’s important to stay energetic during this pandemic of covid-19.

We shouldn’t ignore the importance of a nutritive diet. Many scientific studies declared that nutrition would affect our mental health. 

 By supplement usage, address the issue of a covid-19 pandemic by the practice of healthy lifestyle habits among U.S. adults as of august 2020. 

The increase of ADHD and hyperactivity is just because we continue using refined sugar in the diet. 

Many scientific studies determine that insulin causes inflammation and oxidative stress in your body’s regulation.

 Research declared about the traditional diet as well as the Mediterranean diet that there is 25% to 35% risk for those who eat a traditional diet.

Lead author, professor Dickson from the University of Sweden, said



 We don’t need to explain that without an active and healthy body your mindset can’t play an admirable role to have a peaceful and respective lifestyle. 

Multiple studies acknowledge that having a Mediterranean diet pursues the body activeness that helps you to build a creative lifestyle. 

Your brain is just like an expensive car. High-quality food that contains lots of vitamins and minerals is the premium fuel for your brain. 

It’s all the process in which we say food-mood relations. For example, refined sugar is harmful to the brain.


Simply, say that the structure and the function of your brain and body and ultimately, your mood is directly affected by what you eat. 

After that, the question is how anything you eat can affect your mood and brain. 

healthy nutrition can nourish your brain, and when your brain feels peaceful ultimately your mood gets pleasant.

Many pieces of research found that you want to eat what your brain said to you. Like sometimes you desire to eat something sweet, spicy, or what else your mood goes for.

That’s called a food-mood connection.

Most of the time it’s all connecting with your mentality. If your mental health is in a state of happiness, depression, anxiety, or some kind of stress ultimately your mood is to eat what your brain ordered. 


We have to know that a healthy nutritious diet is associated with a 30% reduction in the risk for depression approximately and a 40% improvement in your thinking.

That’s only two studies that confide this as an official protocol. Correlatively, mental health is highly affected by our nutritive diet, and similarly, health impacts our lifestyle. 

It’s a true reality and human fact that if your mood and health are not positive and active then it’s difficult to play your role to have an admirable lifestyle.  Because without having a good healthy and active mindset you can’t survive with your rights and goals.



Diabetes mellitus is a disorder which encompasses an irregular secretion of insulin , to keep it a simple the body gets failed to regulate the blood glucose level. More than 1.8 million people in the UK have diabetes and by the end of the decade this may rise to 3 million. With the swift growth of diabetes all around the world , the victims are more specifically concerned about finding effective ways of regulating their blood sugar level .Thus we will focus mainly on the management of diabetes both pharmacology and through diet.


Before digging in further , we need to discuss the very types of diabetes. The most common ones are Type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 


Type 1 diabetes formerly referred to as IDDM (Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) is a disease that causes destruction of the insulin-producing cells . Type 1 diabetes usually develops in the young age mostly below 30, although it can develop in older adults as well.


Type 2 diabetes formerly referred to as NIDDM ( non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) is a disease caused by insulin deficiency and / or insulin resistance. It is more common above the age of 40, although it is being increasingly seen in younger people and even children.

Table : Difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Type 1 diabetesType 2 diabetes 
Beta cell destructionNo beta cell destruction
Age of onset usually below 30Age of onset usually above 40
Faster onset of symptomsSlower onset of symptoms
Insulin must be administeredDiet control 
Patients usually not overweightPatients usually overweight


The best way to cope up with diabetes is to seek advice on nutrition, physical activity, weight loss and quitting smoking habits.


Dietary control plays an essential role in the management of type 1 and is the mainstay of treatment for type 2 diabetes.
  • Eat regular meals like bread, pasta, potato, rice, cereals.
  • Limited consumption of fats , less use of butter, margarine, cheese etc.
  • Consumption of fruit and vegetables.
  • Cut down on sugary foods.
  • Lesser intake of salt.
  • Moderate consumption of alcohol. 


In order to survive ,the patients with type 1 diabetes require insulin treatment . There is wide range of insulins which differ in origin, onset of action, time to peak effect and duration of action.


Diabetes is now a days common among masses that includes poor regulation of blood glucose level. Knowing that our body should necessarily function properly , we need to coordinate and the only way is to take supplements and never neglecting the basic needs of our body . Diabetes can not be completely cured but it can be managed through good diet plan and sometimes through insulin shots which merely depends on the type of diabetes . If you are a diabetic patient , you should not discourage yourself because it is never too late to mend.