Digital marketing and it’s Important in today’s scenario
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Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.

But in many ways, Digital marketing is a much helpful and strong network than traditional marketing. This smart propaganda seeks to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with prospectus leads and customers on the internet with digital marketing in today’s scenario.


  • Primarily that begins the case of online presence is necessary regardless of what u sell.
  • A strong digital presence or planned marketing strategy will help you to make an easier path to create better awareness and engagement both before and after the sale.
  • You can easily generate leads by converting new customers or audiences into your ideal client by enhancing the fruitful way for their prospects.
  • You will also allow people to know what the sort of services you could dlver to them more with your capatilized.

Digital marketing is a game-changing strategy to boost your business in today’s scenario. Gurus, podcasts, and bloggers declare a tool or tactic hot one week and dead the next.


 “Digital marketing also know as data drive marketing is the marketing of products and services using different technologies, mainly on the internet but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.”

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Evolution of digital platform

There is no need to emphasize that the internet is getting bigger day by day. This year it has reached 3.88 billion users.

Back in 1995, the internet was initially getting popular when there was only 0.4% of the world’s population was using the internet. 

It’s incredible seeing that just within 22 years the internet has reached half of the world’s population in this fast-moving world.

Today it has reached a user base of 51.7% of the world’s total population with a growth rate of 976.4% from the last 17 years.


  • Over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day.
  • Over 2 million blog posts are published on the internet every day.
  • Domain name registrations have grown by 3.7% year over year.
  • As of 2021, there are 1.24 billion websites in the world.
  • Goggle is the world’s most visited website, followed by YouTube and Facebook.
  • The e-commerce industry is responsible for about $2 trillion in the annual sale.
  • Facebook now has over 7.5 billion monthly active users.
  • Over 85 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily.

Digital market goals to boost your business in today’s scenario

  • To increase website traffic.
  • For brand promotion or brand awareness.
  • To improve search engine ranking.
  • To generate lead.
  • To increase online sale conversation.
  • Improve the quality of customers.
  • To expand business globally.
  • To get the best ROI result.
  • To find loyal and potential customers.
  • To engaged customers with quality content to build trust.

Why choose digital marketing as a career?

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SEO and PPC executive

SEO is an unpaid method of improving the ranking of the web page and their visibility on various search engines such as google yahoo etc. PPC is a method of increasing the visibility of web pages is through sponsored placement and adverting.

Email marketing executive

Email marketing is an important prospect to convert your customer into the ideal leads of your brand, many organizations send newsletters, email campaigns autoresponder to its subscriber to keep them updated with new products adding or anything worth sharing.

Social media marketing executives

social media marketing is gaining a lot of popularity with social media site with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other. A good digital marketer should know the power of social media to market the brand image of the company.

Mobile market executive

Mobile marketing provides instant update promo offers and information of customer interest. Smartphones are very trending among all age groups, especially teenagers. A person needs to be a mobile freak to get into mobile marketing.

E-commerce executive

E-commerce is also known as an online shopping platform. The consumer can find a wider variety of goods often at more competitive prices.

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services electronic channels, primarily the internet.

Content marketing executive

Content is king in today’s scenario of digital marketing that purpose is to attract and retain customers or readers. Content marketing is any type of value and quality contnet that involves the creating and sharing of media and publishing content to accurately and retain customers.

Affiliate marketing executive

Affiliate marketing is frequently overlooked by advertisers. Affiliate marketing at its very core relationship, a relationship between three parties.

Display advertising executive

Display adverting is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banners, ads, rich media, and more. The main purpose of display adverting is to delivered general advertisement and brand message to site visitors.


The research and value of digital marketing are improving with the advancement of technology. Marketers make use of digital portfolios as a platform to promote a professional brand by defining the product in a manner that adds creditability. The strong visibility of the organization or the brand through digital marketing allows the consumers to developed perceived knowledge about the brand. In today’s scenario, by the spread of worth recommendations from their connection digital marketing helps the most in your bussniess.


In the case of marketing your business, lead generation is an asset. 

Now, what is lead generation in real estate? Well, generating leads is the process of attracting your prospective audience, customers, or buyers and convert them into leads. 

Lead generation is a crucial part of the marketing real estate business. 

But it surprisingly helps you to outgrow your product, brand, and services. 

Without doing further ado let’s get straight into real state marketing strategies through lead generation.



Emailing is a prospective way to attract an audience. To put it simply, the lead magnet is a useful weapon. 

It can be a guidebook or ads on Facebook or youtube, that send people to a landing page of your website where you ask them for their email so that you can be notified them of your services, or product.

Getting leads is about solving the problems of your ideal client. Stop thinking like, where is my perspective client hanging out? Or what information is important to them.   

Every email address is a perspective client so be consistent in contact with your clients after delivering services, with some engaging content showcasing that you’re the real estate expert. 


  Genuinely we all know the power of social media in this fast-moving world. It’s leveraging track to gain audience and awareness. 

Some of the best sides you should know are is LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and Twitter. 

Real estate marketing strategies

People spend their time on these social sites regularly in their daily routine. Linkedin is the most professional platform where you can showcase your services and market yourself to make connections with new perspectives. 

Twitter and Instagram is well known social platforms for gaining lead clients and followers. 

Facebook is another obvious choice for marketing your business. Let’s say you might keep updated from all of your Facebook friends whether it’s birthdays or some type of event. Simultaneously you can also generate Facebook lead ads of your campaign or services to attract more value.  


Automating your post is a consistent part of the social media marketing strategy.  You have to post consistently on social media to grab the attention of your followers. 

Automating is not something, hire a person to set it or you forget about it. You should be as active as you can, your audience or followers must have some queries that you have to answer. 

If someone is been there spending time with your social media posts or content then it’s your duty to give them attention. Think outside the box and try to make strong relation with your consumers.  

Having a good or bad response is obvious, don’t panic if someone delivers wrong or abusive feedback around your content. Be polite to handle this fantasy is curricular. 

Ask the responder, what they get wrong from your content? Try to clarify their intentions. What we can say that they will be your future client? 

It’s true! Be flexible to cope up with your consumer’s feedback or queries. 


Content creation is the most creative and professional part of marketing to generate leads.

Real estate marketing strategies

For instance, creating comprehensive content on social platforms is obvious. For youtube, you have to make videos of house tours, community videos, or luxury listings. For that purpose, u need some professional videographer to design your video clip in creative content. 

 luxury portraits or posts is an asset to attract consumers from Instagram and facebooks platform. 

You have to showcase your best to have ideal leads. To it simply, hire someone who knows how to luxuriate home tours and what consumers want to see.  


The first impression is the last impression. To win your consumer’s trust you need to as professional as you can. 

Having your own companies or domain website helps you to generate more leads. The website allows you to merch all of your social content in one place. 

For instance, you can entrust the follow-up action by providing the address of your social media platforms. 

Real estate marketing strategies

The blog is a great source to instruct your ideal client with your intention or way of work. 

The website gives you a professional look and plenty of opportunities to attract lead magnets. 

You can also generate leads by google search ranking on the top. You can hire a website builder to design a catchy theme and transcript your youtube videos or hire a writer for blogs.  


Advertise yourself is a game-changing strategy in the marketing industry.

There are many referral programs for real estate to have positive feedback from your ideal client, and this is leveraging way to advertise yourself as an expert.

Some of the best websites to do so would be Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.

It also a great source of PR for your company.

Facebook ads and Google Adsense also play a one-click pay system to advertise your services socially.   

An email campaign provides you to showcase yourself to generate relations and leads.    


To command authority, you need to become an expert in your niche. That’s why broad is broke and niche is rich.

You should excel at what you offer. It’s not about turning people into clients, it’s all about having prominent projects on which you focused. 

If you have lots of outlines at a time you can’t focus ideally. Having ideal clients and projects makes you different from the rest.    

Don’t act like a competitor.  after all, talking to everyone in marketing exactly talking to no one. 


Being punctual with your goal isn’t easy to deal with. It’s a fish out of the water to stay consistent with what you commit to yourself. 

Having successful life you need to as productive as you can, as fit as required. One of the ways of doing that is to have a strong million-dollar routine for rituals and goals to have admirable lifestyle.

Million-dollar business owners and successful entrepreneurs usually possess daily doing stuff in the mark list. 

They kick off days in small pleasure and make it a ritual.

Living a productive lifestyle all you need is to stay positive, get a bird’s eye view of your schedule tends to a million-dollar routine that strongly admirable.


Many times we’ll hear that if you win the morning you win the day. How fruitful this line is! 

From the research, the science and momentum acknowledge that you should have to proactively spend time, especially in the early morning.

That’s why a million-dollar morning routine needs consistency.

 That keeps your mind charge to having a goal and direction of your day. 

Carve out your time to catch the morning miracles which makes your personality and mind positive, attractive, and creative. 

Recall your dreams and desire to activate your potential. 

After a fresh-up shower of morning, meditation is an asset. It’s a powerful mind exercise to fulfill your every single desired dream. 


Meet up with different people is a regular thing in every human routine.

The human psychologist said that you are the average of five people you spend the most time with.

Hang out with a good companionship is a golden asset, it’s one of the fast inconceivable ways for a million-dollar routine or lifestyle.  

Make sure you sit in that group of people who can push you for the competition towards a billionaire lifestyle. 

 That does not just matter of financial terms, but also means energy.

If you sit in a positive and motivated company, it transforms your energy or mindset into a positive atmosphere that surprisingly takes you in a billionaire lifestyle mindset.   


There should not a single moment in your life where you’re aimless. There should be some aims or goals of your desired dream. 

For that mindset is an asset, whether it could be a billionaire mindset or ethical values. 

Genuinely goals are what keeps you going to do and make you creative and professional. 

You need to as compatible as you can, as productive as ordered to fulfill your desired purpose or life goals. 

You need to know how to set your goals perfectly by merging them short and long terms intentions. But primarily, you need to chase your desire interest or skill in which you good at.

Work on one goal at a time, do it consistently until it turns to your daily routine which tends you towards a million-dollar routine.    


For a praiseworthy lifestyle, you need a productive routine, and above all first, you need to be happy and fit both physically and emotionally. 

Mindfulness is an asset for live a creative and million-dollar routine. 


Make a move one or two minutes of movement to your body. Maybe it could be calisthenics, burpees, or it could be yoga or gymnastics. 

Make your body active and strong. Take some probiotics or hydrated water that helps you to work proactively a day. 

But body exercise is not enough, you need to make your mind fresh and active too. 


Meditation is a brain exercise that keeps you active and let your aura positive. It used to recall your dreams and helps you to have a clear mindset. 

all you need is to learn visualization in meditation, overcome sorrow from your life. 

Breathing freshly makes you more creative, that’s how meditation sticks you fresh and fruitful.   


This is the main part of a million-dollar lifestyle or routine. 

You need to have a passive income for your expenses.

If you’re a college student or 18+ then it’s a time for entrepreneurs.

Freelancing, marketing, content creation is an asset to make a passive income in teenage or graduation time period.  

Work on different skills, makes you smatter to survive in this internet fast-moving world.

Complete your graduation and have a degree, then starts balancing your income for the business. For that, you need to know the basics and advance business development skills. Start investing, measure your result not time. 

Being financially free makes you more responsible and professional. Build you habit that tends to million-dollar lifestyle. 


Your mindset is the average of what books you read in the next 10 years. It can affect positively your life by strengthening your brain.

You have to read 30 minutes a day to turn your successful habits into a million-dollar routine.

It helps you to reduce stress, increase empathy and builds your vocabulary.  

Reading coils fastly change your mindset. Whatever you can get your hands on, you should read it.  

It grips you fertile and the result of reading is cumulative.   


You don’t need to have a load of work at a time. It makes you confused and tired. Take one thing at a time. Do it consistently until you become successful and perfect in it. 

Don’t multi-tasking, measure results not time. you can’t place so many things on one plate. First, finish what you take and have a clear routine to consistent for million-dollar routine. 

Don’t think about what can happen in a month, just focused on 24 hours in front of you and do what can you get closure from where you wanted to be. 

Make types of lists, like to-do lists, weekly planners, monthly planners, or year targets. That makes your mindset clear. 


Primarily you need to stay happy, forgive your past. You have to know your worth and chase your dreams. Have faith, believe in yourself. 

Make a successful habit and turn it into a million-dollar routine that makes your lifestyle admirable. Visualize your success and do action over excuses.  

Never stop learning and practice new skills. Take small steps, remember professionality believes in quality, not in quantity. Always be organized and meditate as much as you can.  

Today is another day for you to start making your dream a reality.  


In 2010, Realme first launched in china named OPPO REAL as a sub-brand of oppo that came from BBK electronics. Realme is one of the best brands of BBK electronics.

Realme with Hidden Selfie Camera: First Image | ITIGIC

Sky Li, the former oppo president as well as the head of oppo oversea department issued his resignation for oppo.

He had planned for establishing a whole separate brand of Realme on July 30 on Weibo. The confusion of ARE RELME, REDMI, AND OPPO ARE THE SAME COMPANY? clears below,

He declared for the coming time, that Realme assembling smartphones with solid performance, well-textured, and stylish manufactured technology for the young generation with affordable range.

That hardworking and inspiral decision of his makes Realme, the best manufacturing smartphone


Oppo itself a subordinate of BBK electronics, at that time oppo didn’t indicate it had assigned its partnership of Realme in BBK. 

Realme comes back stronger with a new logo and a range of merchandise -  KLGadgetGuy
|Realme dramatized its first logo on 15 November 2020|

Realme launched its first smart manufacturing technology Realme1 in May 2018. So the company of Realme was founded on 4 May 2018. 

 For that matter, oppo and Realme are manufacturing brands from the same company said BBK electronics.   

On November 22, Realme becoming a prominent brand in the Indian market. And with this fast-moving world Realme was recognized as an international manufacturing smartphone brand by BBK electronics in July 2019. 

Realme had taken its place in 20 markets including china, south Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe.  

Realme also delivers its variety of various products introduced wireless airphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, and other stuff. 


Realme and Redmi, both are subsidiaries of two separate companies. Redmi came from Xiaomi, starting Xiaomi launched a smartphone series named Redmi.

Over time, Redmi declared as a sub-brand of Xiamoi with entry-level mid-range phones in 2019. That statement clarifies that now Realme, Redmi, and oppos are the same company or the sub-brands.

The purpose behind having sub-brands of oppo and Xiaomi is to deliver smartphones in the different market usually where these parent companies don’t take palace.  

Comparison between the Realme and Redmi is just based on that now both are an independent brand in the market. 


In the beginning, realme is the sub-brand of oppo Similarly, Redmi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi 
 Realme is based on COLOR OS Redmi is based on MIUI 
Realme don’t exist AD in its operating system Redmi has AD in its operating system 
Realme has started their smartphone’s prices at $5,000 till going speedy with rare features to $40,000While Redmi has started its range from 4,000 till now up to $30,000


The BBK company is not coming slow to becoming the world’s number one and largest smartphone manufacturing company. 

Are Realme, Redmi, and Oppo the same company? BBK electronics own this question of customers, by giving the vast technology brands in smartphones marketing.

Realme becoming the world’s fastest brand to hit 50 million shipments, grew up to 132% since its inception. 

Marketshare of realme has from 20% in Q2 to 30% in Q3 2020. 

Globally, realme take place in Spain, and within a few months of launching in this country, it took its fan following in Spain smartphones marketplace.   

Time flew like a bird, and realme made its place quickly in the smartphone market in a short period of time. Realme delivered premium features in the budget segment to the world.

Realme respond quickly to the customers demand as now, Realme also declared the best gaming phones with high-quality gaming processors.

The modern technology of realme is can’t ignorable to acknowledge that Realme is best. No doubt, Realme will perform best to demonstrate the fastest and smart technology in this fast-moving world.


| Realme c-series | Realme number series | Realme 7 pro | Realme 6 pro | Realme c17 | Gaming processors |

Realme is one of the gaming smartphones with trendsetting technology. In the price segment, realme has manufactured super-powerful processor chips and high-quality graphics display for gaming specifications. 

For gaming phones, the main component that matters most are chipset and RAM capacity. Realme are the first who appeal to features and trendsetting experiences for gaming.   

Games like Asphalt 9, Pubg mobile, Fortnite, free-fire, and various other video games require high-quality graphics, speed, and file storage based on chipset and RAM sizes. 

As such, Realme does best to address this issue accordingly pay budget and trendsetting processors for the new generation. Realme has its smartphone series with amazing RAM storage with MediaTek helio and Qualcomm snapdragon processor chipset.

As it is the technology by china which has its own place in technology. However, we can review its gamin result by the capacity of using it among gamers of china. 

By the ownership of Realme smartphones in India 2020, by age

The number of mobile gamers scene goes upward surge between  2018 to 2020 in china. 

 Realme has multiple smartphone series named C series, Number series, Narzo smartphones, and X series.


Realme C series have a separate fan following in the gaming world.

Realme recommends C3, C12, C15, and C17 of the C-series gaming smartphones. These phones possess chips from snapdragon and Mediatek is capable of handling high-end games smoothly.

Realme C17 displays a snapdragon 460 octa-core processor along with 64-bit architecture is enough for handling high-graphic mobile games with satisfaction.

In fact. It concedes 12.3 hours of gaming times with a standby of 34 days. You can also redeem your digital entertainment life causes it provides a 5000mAh massive battery cursing the issue of low battery issues. 

Likewise, realme C15 provides the same processors and different gaming hours on a low budget, but in the case of trendsetting C17 has separate fan surroundings in gaming.

No matter what it’s Pubg or Fortnite, Realme runs various high graphics games smoothly. It delivers you the luxury time of the gaming world along with trendsetting that declared that realme is the best gaming phone.  


The best part of the realme number series smartphones is, it designs with powerful processors especially manufactured for gaming plan. 

who is passionate about gaming are worth considering realme 7 pro, realme 6, and realme 6 pro from the number series?  

Pursuing the popularity of gamers in Pubg mobile, Fortnite and various others can take advantage of this gaming manufactured technology, 

 Specification of Realme 6 Pro and Realme 7 pro are can’t ignorable.

Realme 7 Pro, the gaming pro has a Qoulmm snapdragon 720 G 8mn gaming processor along with a super AMOLED full screen 16.3 cm  (6.4”) FHD + fullscreen can runs high graphic games smoothly. It can stand out in performance and efficiency with powerful Adreno 618 GPU, with high-quality graphic images.

It has RAM up to 8GB and storage and storage of 128GB.    

It also delivers 43% charging while gaming for approximately 30 minutes. This is called Godzilla for the gaming world.

 Like it manufactured by eyeing the requirements and youth of gaming enthusiasts. 

On the other hand Realme 6 Pro, the pro display smartphone is capable of providing a 90Hz ultra-smooth display experience. 

Seamless and smooth visual experience with 16.6 cm big display brings you supreme visual experience.

It has RAM up to 4GB/6GB/8GB with storage approx 64GB/128GB. 

For the time being, the realme 6 pro considers the world’s first hottest smartphone with a powerful snapdragon 720 processor with an advance 8nm octa-core processor. It delivers +75% of GPU protection with efficient 43000mAh battery power.   


Without any doubt, realme has manufactured smartphones that are capable to run for gaming. They design their technology as per gaming features with trendsetting to support high graphics games like Pubg, Fortnite, and so on. 

From 2018 till now realme delivers its best in every way. They compose their technology for gaming with the production of gaming processors that is enough to realize that realme are good for gaming worth.  

Does nutrition affect MENTAL health? How health impacts lifestyle

 |The statistical relation between lifestyle and nutrition is 89%|

Sedentary an admirable lifestyle is based on health and fitness. 

A luxurious lifestyle without good health is just like a beautiful big tree without having strong roots. 

Whatever it would be physical or mental health, Both are playing their separate role for living a splendid lifestyle. 

We shouldn’t ignore the importance of a nutritive diet. Many scientific studies declared that nutrition should affect our mental health. 

It’s totally up to us how we manage our nutrition to level our physical system.

The relation between healthy nutrition and mental health is just like pizza without olives. So in that case, it’s important to stay energetic during this pandemic of covid-19.

We shouldn’t ignore the importance of a nutritive diet. Many scientific studies declared that nutrition would affect our mental health. 

 By supplement usage, address the issue of a covid-19 pandemic by the practice of healthy lifestyle habits among U.S. adults as of august 2020. 

The increase of ADHD and hyperactivity is just because we continue using refined sugar in the diet. 

Many scientific studies determine that insulin causes inflammation and oxidative stress in your body’s regulation.

 Research declared about the traditional diet as well as the Mediterranean diet that there is 25% to 35% risk for those who eat a traditional diet.

Lead author, professor Dickson from the University of Sweden, said



 We don’t need to explain that without an active and healthy body your mindset can’t play an admirable role to have a peaceful and respective lifestyle. 

Multiple studies acknowledge that having a Mediterranean diet pursues the body activeness that helps you to build a creative lifestyle. 

Your brain is just like an expensive car. High-quality food that contains lots of vitamins and minerals is the premium fuel for your brain. 

It’s all the process in which we say food-mood relations. For example, refined sugar is harmful to the brain.


Simply, say that the structure and the function of your brain and body and ultimately, your mood is directly affected by what you eat. 

After that, the question is how anything you eat can affect your mood and brain. 

healthy nutrition can nourish your brain, and when your brain feels peaceful ultimately your mood gets pleasant.

Many pieces of research found that you want to eat what your brain said to you. Like sometimes you desire to eat something sweet, spicy, or what else your mood goes for.

That’s called a food-mood connection.

Most of the time it’s all connecting with your mentality. If your mental health is in a state of happiness, depression, anxiety, or some kind of stress ultimately your mood is to eat what your brain ordered. 


We have to know that a healthy nutritious diet is associated with a 30% reduction in the risk for depression approximately and a 40% improvement in your thinking.

That’s only two studies that confide this as an official protocol. Correlatively, mental health is highly affected by our nutritive diet, and similarly, health impacts our lifestyle. 

It’s a true reality and human fact that if your mood and health are not positive and active then it’s difficult to play your role to have an admirable lifestyle.  Because without having a good healthy and active mindset you can’t survive with your rights and goals.


Do MacBooks are worth your investments? While MacBooks holds so-called quality. 

MacBook Pro on black padded chair

Most of the people gave their statement according to their financial restrictions that Apple’s technologies are much expensive but MacBooks are worth the money.

Contrary to the above statement the question is ARE MACBOOKS WORTH THE MONEY? The answer is, it’s calculable, it depends on how someone intends to use it.

If your work background uses various software for the programs which use MAC then yes, go for MAC. 

If you’re a student in college or university, then look through your field. Sometimes different fields recommend MAC according to its work theory. 

On the other hand, if you’re a gamer then I can’t recommend mac for it. Macbooks are too expensive for such standard internet usage.

Because the discussion is, are MacBooks worth the money? Is it  WORTH for such things, and genuinely MacBooks are not for gaming, just for watching movies or using other social media platforms.   

If you have planned for architecture, design, programming, or engineering programs and various higher fields than MacBooks would help you in this fast-moving world. 

Macbooks are one of the most portable, secure, reliable, efficient, and well-designed technology by Apple, and yes this advanced apple technology MacBooks are worth investing money in.  

Microsoft Windows is the dominating desktop operating system (OS) worldwide as of July 2020, with a share of 77.74 percent. Apple’s Mac operating system has been gaining market share over the years

An accurate way of proving MacBooks are worth the money is, what and how it is meant to be used. The Macintosh itself has rich design hardware, software, and other stuff that makes the computer run placidly   

Let’s get details of this advanced feature of beautiful design technology to accept that MacBooks are worth the money. Apple’s biggest strength is that they design their hardware and software. 



Apple’s macOS operating system force-touch trackpad would allow you to agree that  MacBooks are worth the money.

MacBook pro’s trackpad has pressure-sensing capabilities that boost the separate levels of interactivity. Gestures of the apple trackpad have an amazing feature that allows you to work with better precision.


Macbooks do have an upgrade in the sound system by improving the speakers and microphones. The microphone’s grills beside the keypad are imparting beauty.

There is also a 3.5mm headphones jack used to plug in an external speaker or headphone for listening. There is no similarity between a Windows laptop and Apple’s MacBooks below $1000. 


Macbook’s battery is designed for its original charge capacity by retaining up to 80% as its maximum cycle count.

MacBook pro and air both have under 1000 maximum charge cycles depending upon their model. If we discuss flash-storage and SSD (solid-state disk), both of them are fast and small. 

Flash storage in Macbooks intersects with the motherboard for storage. An SSD is flash storage fixed close to that device that can follow an actual HDD.  Sum up that they give you 4TB of extremely fast storage for spec up.


Apple’s MacBooks features more thunderbolt along with 3 ports.15 MacBook pro does have 4 full-speed Thunderbolt 3 ports while till now no window laptop does have.

Thunderbolt is a general-purpose connection for moving all sorts of data, including videos. While the Mini Display Port is a digital video standard.

A thunder port can directly drive a mini-display-port monitor and in the apple implementations, they both have the same format connectors.



Apple optimized the power to make an operating system and suits that are tailored for the mac.

The Macbook’s software comes with iLife and OS X itself that is not forgettable. For example, iMovie, facetime, and iBooks, and much other software are provided free with mac. 

The closet yet not so on the Windows platform would cost around $200+. For the time being in your mind, the question is, ARE MACBOOK WORTH THE MONEY, no doubt this is the. 

Given the software of MacBooks pro-2020, MacBook air 2020, or having another model of this beautiful design technology, it deserves to be costly.   


Macbooks allow you to install windows in dual boot. So that you can install any application of your need. And finally, let’s touch on security.

At the time of ongoing integration, Apple’s runtime and boot capabilities maintain the integrity



The most recent version of MacBooks whether it is air or pro, both have the most secure software.

Apple delivers good quality software with time to time updates. Update system helps the operating system to cope with various kinds of downgrade attacks and keeps your MacBooks safe.


Apple M1 chip brings influential security that you can run your apps and websites like never before. After that apple’s second-generation T2 security chip is not ignorable.

T2 chip forces us to acknowledge that from securing your login password to encrypt and secure storage capabilities with boot processing.  


 Apple delivers customer service like never before. They provide a 14 days return policy even don’t ask for any excuse and shipping cost. 

Also, the apple website provides communication capabilities to sort out all your problems regarding their technologies. We just have to post your question, and with hours will get the response.


The marketing has grown up to 15% by Apple macOS and iOS in 7 years. According to the state counter global state 14.36% iOS and 8.62% OS X currently in use.

Every third-day technology is more creative along with the fast-moving world and we don’t need to prove that Apple itself is the best technology whether its terms to use in offices or for a college student.

We only guess the Macbook’s ability by understanding the real purpose of using it. It just depends on HOW and WHY you need it, and this tells you are MacBooks worth your money.