As winter is rolling around and is soon going to be on its verge.  Snow, rainfall and frost can be fun but at the same time be frightening as we humans get more prone to getting sick, not just humans sadly but pets too. 4 COMMON PETS ILLNESS IN WINTERS include;

  • Kennel cough
  • Hypothermia
  • Frost bite
  • Arthritis

Harsh weather conditions can lead your snow-loving pets to serious illness which needs to be avoided by taking  precautionary measures as they say,

“forewarned is forearmed”


The first in list is Kennel cough, also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis.

It’s a viral infection, caused by multiple different pathogens. As the name indicates, it involves persistent cough. The pets with little aboard are more susceptible because small spaces offer minimal ventilation and cold weather is a big plus. Inhalation of smoke can also be one of the risk factors.


  • Sneezing 
  • Runny nose
  • Eye discharge (secondary symptom)


  • For minor kennel cough  home steam treatment can be somehow useful.
  • The virus usually clears up on its own but a pet can be shifted to cough suppressants and antibiotics in case of severe cough. 


Some vaccines can prevent kennel cough but unluckily they can not be 100% effective.

  • By simply providing good ventilated boarding facility and  cozy environment to your pets, you can surely prevent them from getting cough


Hypothermia is second among 4 common pets illness in winters . The name Hypothermia has made the deduction very easy for us, where hypo means low and thermia refers to temperature. Hypothermia refers to a situation where there is a drop in body core temperature below 35°C. Exposure of pets to extremely low temperature for a very long time can lead them to Hypothermia. It can prove to be life threatening therefore should not be taken lightly. Both very old and very young plus short hair breeds are more prone to hypothermia. Often a times furry cats and dogs can extract it too, either way you need to be careful regarding health care of your beloved pets. Very small animals are especially at risk of developing hypothermia because of their larger surface area to volume ratio compared with heavier animals, suggests research



  • Paleness
  • Excessive shivering
  • Lethargy
  • Cold 
  • listlessness


Take your pet’s temperature via a rectal thermometer; a reading below 95 degrees Fahrenheit indicates hypothermia


  • Warn clothes and booties for your pet’s paws can up to great extent prevent them from hypothermia and catching cold
  • Make their aboard insulated 
  • Wrap pets in towel or warm clothes at night


  Varying from minor to severe, frostbite occurs after the prolonged         exposure to the cold. The skin tissues get extremely damaged.


There are three degrees of frostbite.

1st Degree 2nd Degree3rd Degree
Pale skinBlistersDarkening of skin
Red, hard, scaly skin and swollen when warmed Development of gangrene
TABLE 1.1, showing 3 degrees of frostbite


General symptoms involve:

  • Skin starts looking pale and often bluish always cold upon touching 
  • Brittleness 
  • Formation of crystals around the affected area


  • Provide moderate temperature 
  • Limiting outdoor activities of your pets in cold and snow can prevent them from getting frostbites. 


  • If your pet gets frostbitten, immediately wrap a warm towel around affected area.
  • Avoid massaging frostbitten  area, this could cause pain.
  • Antibiotics can be given upon acute frostbites.


 Arthritis occurs when the cartilage within a joint becomes damaged. Eventually an arthritic joint becomes inflamed and painful. In pets, the most common form is osteoarthritis, sometimes called degenerative joint disease. Arthritis commonly affects older and middle-aged pets.


  • Sudden change in movements of your pets might refer to some kind of pain in their joints.
  • Upon getting arthritis, pets usually slow down and avoid indulging in mobile activities . 
  • In severe cases, it may eventually cause over the effected area.
  • Inflammation is the most common symptom.
  • Mass of muscles start decreasing.


  • Healthy weight and therapeutic diet can prevent your pet from getting arthritis.
  • Moreover,  warm environment can reduce the risk of joint pain.


  • Complete cure of arthritis may not be possible but certain treatments can be helpful in reduction of pain .
  • Usually steroids, NSAIDs, and other painkillers are recommended by vets.


Everything shrouded in white snow undoubtedly do feel delightful to both humans and animals but carelessness regarding your pets can invite unhappy health problems to either species.  Furry or non furry, both kind of breeds need equal care, however later may need a little more protection against cruel winter.  Make sure to buy warm booties for your sweet pets and take them hastily to vet even on slightest hint of illness or changed behavior. 

Happy Winters .


| Realme c-series | Realme number series | Realme 7 pro | Realme 6 pro | Realme c17 | Gaming processors |

Realme is one of the gaming smartphones with trendsetting technology. In the price segment, realme has manufactured super-powerful processor chips and high-quality graphics display for gaming specifications. 

For gaming phones, the main component that matters most are chipset and RAM capacity. Realme are the first who appeal to features and trendsetting experiences for gaming.   

Games like Asphalt 9, Pubg mobile, Fortnite, free-fire, and various other video games require high-quality graphics, speed, and file storage based on chipset and RAM sizes. 

As such, Realme does best to address this issue accordingly pay budget and trendsetting processors for the new generation. Realme has its smartphone series with amazing RAM storage with MediaTek helio and Qualcomm snapdragon processor chipset.

As it is the technology by china which has its own place in technology. However, we can review its gamin result by the capacity of using it among gamers of china. 

By the ownership of Realme smartphones in India 2020, by age

The number of mobile gamers scene goes upward surge between  2018 to 2020 in china. 

 Realme has multiple smartphone series named C series, Number series, Narzo smartphones, and X series.


Realme C series have a separate fan following in the gaming world.

Realme recommends C3, C12, C15, and C17 of the C-series gaming smartphones. These phones possess chips from snapdragon and Mediatek is capable of handling high-end games smoothly.

Realme C17 displays a snapdragon 460 octa-core processor along with 64-bit architecture is enough for handling high-graphic mobile games with satisfaction.

In fact. It concedes 12.3 hours of gaming times with a standby of 34 days. You can also redeem your digital entertainment life causes it provides a 5000mAh massive battery cursing the issue of low battery issues. 

Likewise, realme C15 provides the same processors and different gaming hours on a low budget, but in the case of trendsetting C17 has separate fan surroundings in gaming.

No matter what it’s Pubg or Fortnite, Realme runs various high graphics games smoothly. It delivers you the luxury time of the gaming world along with trendsetting that declared that realme is the best gaming phone.  


The best part of the realme number series smartphones is, it designs with powerful processors especially manufactured for gaming plan. 

who is passionate about gaming are worth considering realme 7 pro, realme 6, and realme 6 pro from the number series?  

Pursuing the popularity of gamers in Pubg mobile, Fortnite and various others can take advantage of this gaming manufactured technology, 

 Specification of Realme 6 Pro and Realme 7 pro are can’t ignorable.

Realme 7 Pro, the gaming pro has a Qoulmm snapdragon 720 G 8mn gaming processor along with a super AMOLED full screen 16.3 cm  (6.4”) FHD + fullscreen can runs high graphic games smoothly. It can stand out in performance and efficiency with powerful Adreno 618 GPU, with high-quality graphic images.

It has RAM up to 8GB and storage and storage of 128GB.    

It also delivers 43% charging while gaming for approximately 30 minutes. This is called Godzilla for the gaming world.

 Like it manufactured by eyeing the requirements and youth of gaming enthusiasts. 

On the other hand Realme 6 Pro, the pro display smartphone is capable of providing a 90Hz ultra-smooth display experience. 

Seamless and smooth visual experience with 16.6 cm big display brings you supreme visual experience.

It has RAM up to 4GB/6GB/8GB with storage approx 64GB/128GB. 

For the time being, the realme 6 pro considers the world’s first hottest smartphone with a powerful snapdragon 720 processor with an advance 8nm octa-core processor. It delivers +75% of GPU protection with efficient 43000mAh battery power.   


Without any doubt, realme has manufactured smartphones that are capable to run for gaming. They design their technology as per gaming features with trendsetting to support high graphics games like Pubg, Fortnite, and so on. 

From 2018 till now realme delivers its best in every way. They compose their technology for gaming with the production of gaming processors that is enough to realize that realme are good for gaming worth.  

Does nutrition affect MENTAL health? How health impacts lifestyle

 |The statistical relation between lifestyle and nutrition is 89%|

Sedentary an admirable lifestyle is based on health and fitness. 

A luxurious lifestyle without good health is just like a beautiful big tree without having strong roots. 

Whatever it would be physical or mental health, Both are playing their separate role for living a splendid lifestyle. 

We shouldn’t ignore the importance of a nutritive diet. Many scientific studies declared that nutrition should affect our mental health. 

It’s totally up to us how we manage our nutrition to level our physical system.

The relation between healthy nutrition and mental health is just like pizza without olives. So in that case, it’s important to stay energetic during this pandemic of covid-19.

We shouldn’t ignore the importance of a nutritive diet. Many scientific studies declared that nutrition would affect our mental health. 

 By supplement usage, address the issue of a covid-19 pandemic by the practice of healthy lifestyle habits among U.S. adults as of august 2020. 

The increase of ADHD and hyperactivity is just because we continue using refined sugar in the diet. 

Many scientific studies determine that insulin causes inflammation and oxidative stress in your body’s regulation.

 Research declared about the traditional diet as well as the Mediterranean diet that there is 25% to 35% risk for those who eat a traditional diet.

Lead author, professor Dickson from the University of Sweden, said



 We don’t need to explain that without an active and healthy body your mindset can’t play an admirable role to have a peaceful and respective lifestyle. 

Multiple studies acknowledge that having a Mediterranean diet pursues the body activeness that helps you to build a creative lifestyle. 

Your brain is just like an expensive car. High-quality food that contains lots of vitamins and minerals is the premium fuel for your brain. 

It’s all the process in which we say food-mood relations. For example, refined sugar is harmful to the brain.


Simply, say that the structure and the function of your brain and body and ultimately, your mood is directly affected by what you eat. 

After that, the question is how anything you eat can affect your mood and brain. 

healthy nutrition can nourish your brain, and when your brain feels peaceful ultimately your mood gets pleasant.

Many pieces of research found that you want to eat what your brain said to you. Like sometimes you desire to eat something sweet, spicy, or what else your mood goes for.

That’s called a food-mood connection.

Most of the time it’s all connecting with your mentality. If your mental health is in a state of happiness, depression, anxiety, or some kind of stress ultimately your mood is to eat what your brain ordered. 


We have to know that a healthy nutritious diet is associated with a 30% reduction in the risk for depression approximately and a 40% improvement in your thinking.

That’s only two studies that confide this as an official protocol. Correlatively, mental health is highly affected by our nutritive diet, and similarly, health impacts our lifestyle. 

It’s a true reality and human fact that if your mood and health are not positive and active then it’s difficult to play your role to have an admirable lifestyle.  Because without having a good healthy and active mindset you can’t survive with your rights and goals.


Do MacBooks are worth your investments? While MacBooks holds so-called quality. 

MacBook Pro on black padded chair

Most of the people gave their statement according to their financial restrictions that Apple’s technologies are much expensive but MacBooks are worth the money.

Contrary to the above statement the question is ARE MACBOOKS WORTH THE MONEY? The answer is, it’s calculable, it depends on how someone intends to use it.

If your work background uses various software for the programs which use MAC then yes, go for MAC. 

If you’re a student in college or university, then look through your field. Sometimes different fields recommend MAC according to its work theory. 

On the other hand, if you’re a gamer then I can’t recommend mac for it. Macbooks are too expensive for such standard internet usage.

Because the discussion is, are MacBooks worth the money? Is it  WORTH for such things, and genuinely MacBooks are not for gaming, just for watching movies or using other social media platforms.   

If you have planned for architecture, design, programming, or engineering programs and various higher fields than MacBooks would help you in this fast-moving world. 

Macbooks are one of the most portable, secure, reliable, efficient, and well-designed technology by Apple, and yes this advanced apple technology MacBooks are worth investing money in.  

Microsoft Windows is the dominating desktop operating system (OS) worldwide as of July 2020, with a share of 77.74 percent. Apple’s Mac operating system has been gaining market share over the years

An accurate way of proving MacBooks are worth the money is, what and how it is meant to be used. The Macintosh itself has rich design hardware, software, and other stuff that makes the computer run placidly   

Let’s get details of this advanced feature of beautiful design technology to accept that MacBooks are worth the money. Apple’s biggest strength is that they design their hardware and software. 



Apple’s macOS operating system force-touch trackpad would allow you to agree that  MacBooks are worth the money.

MacBook pro’s trackpad has pressure-sensing capabilities that boost the separate levels of interactivity. Gestures of the apple trackpad have an amazing feature that allows you to work with better precision.


Macbooks do have an upgrade in the sound system by improving the speakers and microphones. The microphone’s grills beside the keypad are imparting beauty.

There is also a 3.5mm headphones jack used to plug in an external speaker or headphone for listening. There is no similarity between a Windows laptop and Apple’s MacBooks below $1000. 


Macbook’s battery is designed for its original charge capacity by retaining up to 80% as its maximum cycle count.

MacBook pro and air both have under 1000 maximum charge cycles depending upon their model. If we discuss flash-storage and SSD (solid-state disk), both of them are fast and small. 

Flash storage in Macbooks intersects with the motherboard for storage. An SSD is flash storage fixed close to that device that can follow an actual HDD.  Sum up that they give you 4TB of extremely fast storage for spec up.


Apple’s MacBooks features more thunderbolt along with 3 ports.15 MacBook pro does have 4 full-speed Thunderbolt 3 ports while till now no window laptop does have.

Thunderbolt is a general-purpose connection for moving all sorts of data, including videos. While the Mini Display Port is a digital video standard.

A thunder port can directly drive a mini-display-port monitor and in the apple implementations, they both have the same format connectors.



Apple optimized the power to make an operating system and suits that are tailored for the mac.

The Macbook’s software comes with iLife and OS X itself that is not forgettable. For example, iMovie, facetime, and iBooks, and much other software are provided free with mac. 

The closet yet not so on the Windows platform would cost around $200+. For the time being in your mind, the question is, ARE MACBOOK WORTH THE MONEY, no doubt this is the. 

Given the software of MacBooks pro-2020, MacBook air 2020, or having another model of this beautiful design technology, it deserves to be costly.   


Macbooks allow you to install windows in dual boot. So that you can install any application of your need. And finally, let’s touch on security.

At the time of ongoing integration, Apple’s runtime and boot capabilities maintain the integrity



The most recent version of MacBooks whether it is air or pro, both have the most secure software.

Apple delivers good quality software with time to time updates. Update system helps the operating system to cope with various kinds of downgrade attacks and keeps your MacBooks safe.


Apple M1 chip brings influential security that you can run your apps and websites like never before. After that apple’s second-generation T2 security chip is not ignorable.

T2 chip forces us to acknowledge that from securing your login password to encrypt and secure storage capabilities with boot processing.  


 Apple delivers customer service like never before. They provide a 14 days return policy even don’t ask for any excuse and shipping cost. 

Also, the apple website provides communication capabilities to sort out all your problems regarding their technologies. We just have to post your question, and with hours will get the response.


The marketing has grown up to 15% by Apple macOS and iOS in 7 years. According to the state counter global state 14.36% iOS and 8.62% OS X currently in use.

Every third-day technology is more creative along with the fast-moving world and we don’t need to prove that Apple itself is the best technology whether its terms to use in offices or for a college student.

We only guess the Macbook’s ability by understanding the real purpose of using it. It just depends on HOW and WHY you need it, and this tells you are MacBooks worth your money.



Diabetes mellitus is a disorder which encompasses an irregular secretion of insulin , to keep it a simple the body gets failed to regulate the blood glucose level. More than 1.8 million people in the UK have diabetes and by the end of the decade this may rise to 3 million. With the swift growth of diabetes all around the world , the victims are more specifically concerned about finding effective ways of regulating their blood sugar level .Thus we will focus mainly on the management of diabetes both pharmacology and through diet.


Before digging in further , we need to discuss the very types of diabetes. The most common ones are Type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 


Type 1 diabetes formerly referred to as IDDM (Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) is a disease that causes destruction of the insulin-producing cells . Type 1 diabetes usually develops in the young age mostly below 30, although it can develop in older adults as well.


Type 2 diabetes formerly referred to as NIDDM ( non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) is a disease caused by insulin deficiency and / or insulin resistance. It is more common above the age of 40, although it is being increasingly seen in younger people and even children.

Table : Difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Type 1 diabetesType 2 diabetes 
Beta cell destructionNo beta cell destruction
Age of onset usually below 30Age of onset usually above 40
Faster onset of symptomsSlower onset of symptoms
Insulin must be administeredDiet control 
Patients usually not overweightPatients usually overweight


The best way to cope up with diabetes is to seek advice on nutrition, physical activity, weight loss and quitting smoking habits.


Dietary control plays an essential role in the management of type 1 and is the mainstay of treatment for type 2 diabetes.
  • Eat regular meals like bread, pasta, potato, rice, cereals.
  • Limited consumption of fats , less use of butter, margarine, cheese etc.
  • Consumption of fruit and vegetables.
  • Cut down on sugary foods.
  • Lesser intake of salt.
  • Moderate consumption of alcohol. 


In order to survive ,the patients with type 1 diabetes require insulin treatment . There is wide range of insulins which differ in origin, onset of action, time to peak effect and duration of action.


Diabetes is now a days common among masses that includes poor regulation of blood glucose level. Knowing that our body should necessarily function properly , we need to coordinate and the only way is to take supplements and never neglecting the basic needs of our body . Diabetes can not be completely cured but it can be managed through good diet plan and sometimes through insulin shots which merely depends on the type of diabetes . If you are a diabetic patient , you should not discourage yourself because it is never too late to mend.

Ever imagined seeing world from your pooch’s perspective? Surely it will be a completely different experience.  You are going to see some colors quite in a way you don’t want to, yes because hypothesis has been given on the basis of recurrent experimentation suggesting that cats and dogs are color blind. 


You need to first understand, what really color blindness is? In humans and animals, there are special kind of cells present on retinas of eye called cone photoreceptors  responsible for determination and perception of colors. Color Blindness occurs due to problematic cones making it difficult to differentiate between colors even sensing few colors as they actually are. Cones stop sending message to brain and in return brain can not process and  decode any information from eyes and as a result you can not see certain colors.

Cone types :

Normal humans are trichromatic, with three different types of cone cells while dogs and cats are dichromatic with only two types of cone cells seeing two primary colors only. The table below illustrates the types of color, humans, dogs and cats can perceive being di and trichromatic.

number of cones colors


Because of 2 types of color sensing cone cells dogs are less sensitive to red , eventually tuned to blue and yellow green. Whereas cats are a little more complicated with 2 types of cone cells same as dogs but with evidence of 3rd type of cone cell too sensitive to light that appears greenish blue to we humans. However, this might just be an assumption as some of the researches reject this theory. 


Cats and dogs  sense the world we live in much differently than humans do. Color blindness doesn’t mean that animals can only see black n white rather they can perceive colors but not all of them. In fact the vision can be a lot more blurrier but it doesn’t suggest it can in anyway prove to be an obstruction between them as predators and their prey.  They are extraordinarily sensitive  towards movement of objects even  for up to a half-mile away, if it’s relatively subtle. The extra bulge of their eyes give an expansion of vision . To keep it simple, their field of vision (270°)  is larger than humans (180°).


Cats and dogs have capability of seeing in dark, because  tapetum (layer of eye)  reflects illumination to the light receptors. They can’t see in absolute darkness  but in dim light, their eyes excel. This enhancement of vision is because of  more number of rods than ours—between six and eight times more for cats—which means they require less light to collect a significant picture for their brain.


“Dogs, cats, and raccoons are colour-blind, or so nearly so that they are only slightly, if at all, dependent on colour stimuli.”, as suggested by FM Gregg, Eva Jamison, Russell Wilkie, THEODORE Radinsky on the basis of their experiments


our pets are not created to process crystal clear images of the world but they are built with shade of extraordinary features that surely mask the inability of seeing proper colours. With those extra tools, they don’t have to depend on their eyes.